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Experience in garden - 1 day

Torna indietro

The Experience of Green in Pistoia ...

among flowers, traditions, flavors and workshops

A day dedicated to Pistoia, in Tuscany the Garden , with its numerous nurseries, as well as characterize the identity the territory of Pistoia, purify the air, making the Pistoia area with lower presence of CO2 in Europeand giving glimpses, visions and emotions, unique in the world.

Through this experience, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the largest nursery in Pistoia, who will teach Also get your hands into the earth to heal, decant or prune plants and flowers ...

10:30 - Welcome and Presentation of an important reality nursery in Pistoia: Mati 1909

11:00 - Walk in the Gardens of the Italian Academy

12:00- A practical lesson at the Academy of the Italian Garden, where participants can try their hand in a concrete manner to the care of the garden or orchard.

13:00- Lunch at the farm holiday Tuscany Fair

- from 2 to 8 people: € 50 * per person

- from 9 to 20 people: € 45 * per person

- more than 21 people: € 40 * per person

* The cost also includes the lunch with the following menu:

or Selecting Tuscan bruschetta

or Penne with meat sauce

or Arista stuffed with flavors of the countryside served with roasted potatoes

or Tart cranberries

or Water, Tuscan IGT wine, coffee

'possible to agree with the Toscana restaurant, a menu Fair light.


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