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Visiting Pistoia... Why???

published on 29 June 2020 at 16:03 | Special Places

This month our aim is to tempt our readers to visit Pistoia and I hope to be able to arouse your curiosity a little bit.
Telling about Pistoia is not easy, especially for those who are in love, fascinated and strongly attached to their own town like me. 
It is not easy to be objective when you feel so much wonder while strolling through your city.
Born in Prato, I discovered Pistoia when i was just a young girl and, eventually, a few years ago i have chosen to live in its amazing centre.
I can write several reasons to live in Pistoia, and even more to visit this gem of Tuscany, situated at the slopes of Appenine Mountains and just a few kilometres from the seaside.
If you will decide to spend a few days in our city, you will have the chance to climb up unitl the sky, conquering the top of Pistoia 's Bell Tower, which reaches 67 meters. The view from up there is really breathtaking. Your astonished eyes will catch the Brunelleschi Dome of Florence, the protective hug of the Mountains, red roofs as far as the eyes can see, and tuscan hills to infinity...

pistoia arte città toscanaPhoto By Simona Sacri

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to descend to the bowels of the city, along its underground paths, where you will discover its history starting from the bases.
An "up&down" walking among Pistoia 's mysterious paved streets with quaint names, that hide the its history.
Mainly, spending a few days in Pistoia means become "pistoiese" and find slow rhythms of a timeless everyday life, made of authenticity to be discovered step by step.
You won 't be strangers in Pistoia, but you will enjoy a town rich of history and traditional lifestyle, a lively city centre, inhabitants oriented and young people friendly.
When visiting Pistoia?
The answer "always" would be expected!
In July, the city dresses up with its typical medieval atmosphere, bright colors, parades and shows. During this special month, Pistoia welcomes its most famous Festival, the Pistoia Blues Festival, days of music, arts and crafts stalls, fun and delicious food.

In October, when the hills begin to get autumn colors, when nature gives its best with chestnuts, wine and olives.
This is the ideal period for those who love traditional fine food.

Pistoia will be a real surprising discovery for everyone, in every season!
Actually it has so much to offer to its visitors, that it would be impossible to tell you all about this jewel of Tuscany in a few lines...
So all you can do is coming and visiting us!

....And remember our hashtag #visitpistoia

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