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published on 29 June 2020 at 08:11 | Special Places


The area of Montalbano extends between the provinces of Florence, Pistoia and Prato. In this hilly rural landscape, chestnut woods alternate with vineyards on broad terraces and olive groves covering the highest slopes. You can take walks and trips in these green hills using an extensive nework of footpaths and cycle paths that reach tiny, ancient villages, archaeological and old forests. The Medici '


Collodi is famous worldwide as the birthplace of Carlo Lorenzini who wrote "The Adventures of Pinocchio" one of the most famous children-book


The Padule di Fucecchio and the Lake Sibolla reserves, between the provinces of Pistoia and Lucca, are wetlands of great naturalistic interest, with typical marshland vegetation such as reed thickets, water ferns and water lilies, as well as a few rare species of plants. Throughout the year these nature reserves become a beautiful location to study the presence of several bird species, some of with find a safe haven here during migration time.



Pistoia has something to offer all year round. The Apennines that form a backdrop to the town provide a unique setting for the ideal blend of art and nature. In summertime, an extensive network of paths and roads makes it possible for horseriding, mountain-biking and trekking enthusiasts to discover the scenic mountainous and hilly countryside, or you can try your hand at canoeing and fishing in the streams and smole lakes.

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